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Default QA tester skills?

Hi everyone!
first post on this forum

i'm sure this has been asked before and if so feel free to just link to the thread but here goes anyway:

So, i wanna be a QA tester...well...I actually wanna be a sound designer but I figured rather than jumping in feet first I wanna test the water first. See what the game industry is like and start from the ground up.

So, i've just obtained my degree in sound technology so in terms of creating, editing, recording, mixing <insert several audio terms here>-ing sound, i'm pretty confident that i'm 'industry ready'.

However, in terms of how a game actually works(all the codey types bits), i'm still pretty much a novice.

So, starting in a QA position where that degree would not be as attractive as if i was going for a sound designer position, what skills do I actually need???

I'm obviously a huge gamer and very enthuastic about it.

I know the basic's of C++ and can get the general gist of what is going on in a code (ie. I will be able to recognise a function but maybe not what it is actually doing if it particular large/complcated)

I also know how to use unreal engine (very basically)

And I beleive I am pretty good at knowing how to 'break' a game when playing it, knowing where to find bugs and the like.

So, yeah what other skills do I need? is coding skills necessary for a tester position? or is what i've got enough?

Thank you!
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Default Re: QA tester skills?

You need to read FAQ 5:
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Default Re: QA tester skills?

I hope you will stand out from other applicants for sure.. Just believe in god and yourself.
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