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Default I have jobs and cant find people! Help

Hi everyone. I am a placement specialist with a firm in Cleveland. I have openings for gaming technology developers with a company in Cleveland and am having the hardest time finding the talent.
I figured the best place to get this kind of info was on a site like this. Can any of you tell me the best place(s) to go to find developers with 3 or more years of experience? The company is paying a fantastic salary and has a full relo package so I needn't limit my scope to just Ohio. I am open to sites, boards, lists anything. I am not having any luck on the traditional Monster, careerbuilder, etc. Think I need some niche job boards. Any help would be totally appreciated and if any of you know anyone who suits the description, there is a finders fee. Thanks for letting me intrude on your forum!

you can reach me at or just reply to this thread.
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Location: Philadelphia, PA

I am from Ohio and would like a job but yea I don't have 3 years experience.
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When I daydream about getting a job in the video game development field, I peruse the listings at Gamasutra. In fact, it was through that site that I found this one.

Best of luck,

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Default where to list job ads is our affiliate site and is the number one place to find job listings in the video game development industry.

I'll let this thread stand because it does seem to shed some light on the topic of job hunting, but please note that we do observe a policy of not allowing job ads to be placed on these forums directly.

If you are interested in posting a job ad, I can put you in touch with someone at who can assist.

-jillduffy, editor
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