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Default Favorite game mechanics. Top 3!

Hey everyone. Everyone likes 'Top X'-lists, so I thought I'd add a new 'Top'-thread to the forum. In this thread: your favorite game mechanics! This can range from anything to specific character moves, combat mechanics, inventory systems... heck, even menu curiosities! (If you're into that sort of thing....) Here are three of my favorites, which all focus on character moves.

1. Wall Jumping - Super Mario 64
Ah the wall jump... Brilliant, isn't it? Although SM64 wasn't the first game to do it -- Super Metroid comes to mind -- I think it did it best. The required timing was more lenient than in Super Metroid, but still posed some challenge. You might argue that later Mario games perfected the Wall Jump, but I think they just made it easier -- not better.

2. Wall Running - Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
After the popularization of the wall jump by SM64, who would have thought it would've taken another 5 years for someone to introduce Wall Running? This 'move' is what really made PoP:SoT for me: its defining element, if you will. What amazes me most is just how brilliantly implemented the move is. SM64 simply improved upon an existing concept with the Wall Jump, but the Wall Run was introduced to us by PoP:SoT in perfect form. Maybe its flawlessness is also why we haven't seen a similar move in other games: fear to tinker with perfection.

3. The Parry Attack - The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker
For those unfamiliar with Wind Waker's parry attack, it is basically a simplified QTE. "What's so awesome about a QTE?", you might ask (and rightfully so). Well, everything. Contrary to QTEs in countless other games, this one can actually be anticipated by the player, to some extent. Attacks by enemies that can be parried will almost always have a unique animation accompanying it, serving as a cue for experienced players to 'get ready'. Then, when the big, green, flashing A-button icon pops up, you'll be ready for it. A swift press of the button will send Link into one of two different parry attack animations. Everything about it is likable, from the animation itself to the subtle rumble and satisfying sound effect when your parry attack makes contact (which it will almost always will). Words can not truly describe it (well, not my words, anyway), so I urge you to go out and play it for yourself. Playing is believing.

(P.s., I realize some of what I wrote here is fairly bombastic and pretentiously pretentious. Sorry for that. I was writing for my master thesis earlier today, and I was still a little stuck in 'pompous pseudo-scientist'-mode.)
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