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Default Sheldon, get involved in the forums for us newbs!

You guys think there's any chance of Lee Sheldon becoming active on the threads? The writing section could use some juicing it stands it's all calls for game journalists. I may be wrong, as it could've held some lively debates before I found GCG, but we could really get into some design-oriented writing debates on the thread, especially with all the hullabaloo about redefining a writer's role going on.

Now that I think it through, maybe I just have to start the conversation...beggars can't be opinionated, I guess.

Signatures=pretense. And I'm far too well read for that. :D
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I'm here. I almost responded to the "narrative designer" thread, a term that worries me a lot, but it seemed to have quieted down. I'll respond to writing threads where I have something useful to add.

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