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Default 3D or 2D, what should I use?

My game is going to be a similar style to this:

I was thinking of a 3D but a 2D isometric view might work too.

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Really depends on the design document specs of your game.

What features are there?
What are the core gameplay mechanics?
What limitations are you willing to accept?

Those should dictate whther you should use one or another way of visual presentation.

In the end, it really doesn't matter.

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It really does depend on a lot of factors.

Some more questions: what are you good at? Do you have more experience with 2D or 3D? Or are you with a team? Perhaps a 2D/3D blend?
Personally, if you are talking about a 1-man project, I'd go for 2D with an isometric view (faux-3D). Then again, I know jack about 3D, yet have dabbled with the odd 2D sprite here and there, making it simply an extension of prior experience.
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If you are good at making 3D assets as well as programming, then using an existing 3d engine to make a game is pretty straight forward.
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