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I got some questions about Digipen. I have had some contactings with them lately, and am now wondering some things. I hope anybody can answer these questions for me:

1. I want to focus myself on programming. What education on the Digipen Institute should I take? Which education on Digipen focusses itself most on Game Programming?

2. What are the prices of Digipen?

3. I have sent some emails to them, in which I asked for the requirements. I got this reply:

Digipen requirements:


For the RTIS and Computer Engineering programs, we require at least a 2.5 grade point average in general studies, and a 3.0 GPA (B average) in mathematics courses. We also require certain classes to get in, such as Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. If possible, we strongly recommend that applicants for the RTIS or CE programs take through Advanced Placement Calculus, 12th grade Physics, and Computer Science, if your school offers them. Generally speaking, if you are serious about applying to these programs, then you should focus your studies on Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science.


For the BFA program, we require a 2.5 GPA, but we also require a 10-20 piece portfolio that shows artistic talent in a variety of medias and styles. Fifty percent of the portfolio should demonstrate an applicant's artistic range and skill. Samples of animation, figure/animal studies, character designs, architectural renderings, landscape studies, sculpture, and painting are preferred. The second half of the portfolio must be drawings from direct observation. This work may not be from photos or other 2D reference or from the applicant's imagination. If necessary, DigiPen may request more samples for review. Color copies, photocopies, or photographs of the original pieces will be accepted as submissions will not be returned.

Additionally, International students must show proficiency in the English language, submit TOEFL scores if English is not their first language, and submit a financial responsibility form with supporting documents.


Requirements for the Master's degree include completion of a Bachelor's degree with a minimum 2.5 GPA, completion of the GRE General Test, and coursework or work experience in the following: data structures, algorithm analysis, and networking; hardware (computer architecture) and systems (principles of operating systems, compilers, and programming languages); theory (discreet math and theory of computation); computer graphics (basic undergraduate course); programming experience in a high level language; strong background in mathematics (calculus, linear algebra, and numerical computations). The Computer Science Subject Test is also required for applicants who do not have a Computer Science degree.

Could anyone explain to me what '2.5 grade point average in general studies' and a '3.0 GPA (B average) in mathematics courses' and such things mean? There are way more of those things in it, and I don't know those terms. Could anybody tell me what there are and how (and maybe where too) I can achieve them.

Note: I am not planning on doing the Masters education, so I don't need any answers based on that. I will maybe do it in the future, but not right now, because I don't meet the requirements for it.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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1.) RTIS is the only way to go for programming video games. BFA is where to go if you want to draw a lot.

2.) Tuition is about 550/credit. In total, there are 154 credits to complete the program, which is about as much as a Master's at a regular university. Then you have to pay living expenses, most people have 3 other roommates in a 2 bedroom apartment which is about 330/month.

3.) You need an overall 2.5 GPA for all classes. Combined math grades must average a 3.0 and it really helps if you take AP courses as they are weighted.
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