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Unhappy What, When, and how?

I loved video games All my life. I played mostly RPGs and action/adventure games and some shooters and fighters. And it was until a couple years ago I wanted to be apart of it. I loved drawing and making music but after having a bad experiance with an art teacher i kinda stoped drawing a little.

( I drew Masked Kid from zelda majoras mask perfectly back in teh 6th grade)

And a week ago i started up again and really wanting to learn more of the human form and all that great stuff. Im gonna take drawing classes and get books and really try to inprove myself. Since anyone can learn to draw it just matters how much i put into it.

But heres the real question Im looking into Game art and design degrees but i dont know who to really turn too. I really want to go to a good school. ( 4 Year degree) none of that finish in 1 year garbage. and go to a real respected school. not the Pay for a degree thing liek full sail.

But how do it get into school?
I have No family,nothing i was a fosterchild. My credit isnt that good because of a damn hospital bill and i cant find a loan for school anywhere.
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I missed half highschool cause i was in hospital too
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loans, basically.
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There are some good schools that have one year programs that are really good those are basically career schools that teach you just the skills you need for your career in the Game Industry. Keep this in mind though, it’s not the school it’s what you the student put into the school. You don’t need to go to an expensive school to acquire the skills you need. The industry doesn’t care what school you went to all they care about is can you do what you say you can do. An excellent portfolio is key.
However, it is good to have a bachelor’s degree to keep an edge on the competition. Here are some steps to help. Take all your basic courses at a community college that is cheaper like your Math, English, & Humanities. Take as many 2d art courses as you can like Design, Drawing, Life Drawing, Sculpture etc… Then you can transfer to the school of your choice. Find which schools you are interested in and make sure they will accept your transfers this way it won’t cost as much. By the time you transfer to your chosen school you can then totally concentrate on your major. Another way is to take the CLEP tests ( College-Level Examination Program) these can also transfer but check first with the school you want to transfer to. You can take your five general exams which entail English Composition, Mathematics, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and History. One of the schools in your area will offer the test check dates of when they will be offered. The test is not that expensive and you can get some CLEP books at the library and understand what the tests entail before buying any study books. You can also get some great drawing technique books at the library too.
A lot of companies will pay your way through college with employee sponsored tuition programs check where you work to see if they offer this. There are plenty of grants and scholarships you can apply for you just have to do your research online and at the library as to which ones to apply to and apply to as many as you can the money you’re given even if small will add up. Regarding your credit eventually you will be able to take out some loans it just takes a couple of years or so for your credit to clear up. FAFSA and Sallie Mae offer school loans. Meanwhile save as much as you can and put it in a savings or money market account so you can have some money for school that you have also saved yourself. The trick here is pay yourself first if you make two hundred dollars a week put fifty in your savings right away you won’t miss it. Multiple streams of income is the key (savings, grants & scholarships, student loans). Set goals of how much money you want to have by the end of the year and or a certain time period and write them down. Be clear on what you want and it will come.
Hopefully this helps, if you have any other questions let me know.
Lady Aurora!
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Honestly, It absolutely does not matter what school you go to. The main thing a studio will look at is your actual art. Work on this more, and honestly you can go to any college with a art program. But if you have the money, a specific gaming degree will help a lot!

With the money part, Look up diff. scholarships, and what not. Also try to see if you can get a discount. Student loans will also help.

Hope this helped at least a little.

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