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Default What's your favorite language, and why?

I've been working w/ C++ for many years and a couple years profesionally now, but i've recently started to learn java.

I like java for a couple reasons, so far, primarily.

1.) It's very similar to C/C++ syntex (which makes it easier for me to pickup)
2.) It feels like it fixes/forces a lot of OO design problems in C++

I've been considering learning another language (or scripting language) and i wanted to get a feel for what people thought about their most proficient languages. What do you like and dislike most about them?

Languages I'm most interested in learning about include but aren't limited to:

Haskell (Gata learn at least one functional programming language right)

I'd just like to see the opinions of everyone else here
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Old 11-13-2008, 12:13 AM   #2
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Well I just love Python because it has such a simple syntax, yet allows for very expressive code. It feels like writing in a natural language at times.
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My current favorite is C#. I'm a professional Java programmer, and C# / java are almost identical, so I really can't say what it is about C# that I prefer (possibly that I find it easier to just throw together GUI tools faster than I would in java).

I'm affraid I prefer it over c++ for a very trivial reason... I'm tired of header files! With the Java & C++ system of defineing a class all in one place, it feels so antiquatied to split the structure & code in C++. I also don't like using -> to access fields in a class object.
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I quite liked Python and Lua but still a little hesitant because of the dynamic typing leading to runtime errors. Haven't looked at C# yet though.
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C# is fun, but I love C++ more. If you know C++ and Java then C# will be a breeze to learn. And it is awesome to make tools with.
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Old 02-20-2009, 05:10 PM   #6
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Default Python or C#

I like Python, it's growing faster seemingly to me. But I also use C# alot and like all the XNA game studio. I started out using perl, great for text, Works with ImageMagick. I couldn't see it as a perment gaming language.
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I enjoy English.
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Old 02-21-2009, 12:54 AM   #8
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The languages I am familiar with include Java, C#, PHP and of course, C++. I have also recently been learning Lua.

I dislike C++ only because I'm fed up of seeing other student's coding horrors and cheap tricks that arn't commented. Unlike managed languages which often catch silly errors and place constraints on your code, C++ will happily execute broken code.

I like Java a lot because the constraints can encourages more people to code elegently and actually focus on the task at hand rather than silly optimisation tricks. Getting used to not having structs was inconvienient but not having to deal with silly gotos everywhere was a massive sigh of relief for me. I also do like the garbage collector despite that it does present some interesting memory leak, memory burn and collection time problems. However, the documentation and ability to take a look through open source libraries does make it easy to pick up and develop more quickly.

This would have been my favourite language. It is essentially Java with more speed and a few extra features, at the expense of being restricted to Microsoft platforms. XNA Game Studio Express is amazing too. I love poking around with code on my XBox 360. However, I can't stand the way C# libraries are documented online.

Object-Orientated web scripting with native mysql and email support. What more can you ask for? For developing interactive websites, I like PHP alot. The only gripe I have is how most web hosting companies configure it (ie. Registering globals and not suppporting mysqli despite having the latest PHP version). This can make it frustrating to track down security problems and forces a good programmer to constantly code overly defensively!

Conclusion: Java
Overall, I found my favourite has been Java. It is easy to learn. It's mostly cross-platform. It has excellent documention facilities. There arn't as many stupid tricks. The pitfalls are usually more interesting OO architechture and a variety of garbage collector issues rather than silly things like forgotten uninitialised variables. Yeah, it still has a long way as a language to go but isn't stagnate. It is constantly updating and improving each time. For my interests in networking and distributed artificial intelligence, Java is much easier and faster to develop in than unmanaged languages. I also think, if it isn't already, the use of Java for server-side systems will gain more popularity in upcoming years.
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My hobby is to programming in ActionScript 3.0 and this is my fav language.
At university I am learning c (didactic mode) but I am not interested about this (i know the basics and it's enough).
Also I am begginer in assembly for pic programming , but is very had to understand mnemonics.
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Old 02-21-2009, 12:06 PM   #10

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C++ is my most beloved language.
Sure. Its not nice. Its not fun, and sure as heck does not make producing quality easy.
It just feels frustrating with Java and co' when no matter what algorithm you choose, no matter how you try optimizing your code, you will always be limited by the language itself. ( Sure, you can make things fast. Very fast. But still, never reaching the "optimal" execution speed.

Its like trying to pick small beads with bulldozer.
Might have something to do with the fact that I consider efficiency of execution a high virtue in program.
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