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Originally Posted by Adrir View Post
Don't forget to read useful non-technical books like 'Mythical Man Month', 'Peopleware' and 'Getting Things Done' to name a few examples.
Ooo another good non technical book:

A Game of Thrones, from the Song of Ice and Fire series

Fun book, boring until about half way, then you can't stop The second and third are great too.
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There are a lot of good programming books out there. A few of them are strictly C++-related. What book you should read next really depends on what you want to learn next. Surely you aren't reading books just for the sake of having read them?

If you want to lean more about the intricacies of C++, check out the C++ FAQ or pick up The C++ Programming Language.

If you want to lean more about being a good software developer, pick up Code Complete or The Pragmatic Programmer.

If you want to learn more about object-oriented concepts, you have a lot of good options. I'd recommend Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design because it's a fun and easy read compared to a lot of the other, more "textbookish" alternatives.
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