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Default 31 Games Students Should Play - GO!

On a side topic, I think we need a forum section dedicated to articles and the main page.

Bejeweled -Played
Beyond Good and Evil -Played (I love this game.)
chess -Played :P
Chrono Trigger -Played
Coign of Vantage -Played
Daikatana -Played
Dungeons & Dragons -I've played Paper and Pen RPGs, just not DnD.
Final Fantasy VII -Played
Galaga, -Played
go -I'm terrible at Go, but I've played it.
Herzog Zwei -Not played, and as I refuse to use emulators, I'm gonna have to hit up Ebay.
Incan Gold -Not played
Magic: The Gathering -Played
Mirror’s Edge -Played, and I'm in the camp with people who liked it.
Missile Command -Missile Command is awesome.
multi-user dungeon (MUD) (any) -Played a couple.
Okami -I love this game
Pac-man -Everyone in the world has played Pac-man.
Pocketful of Stars -It's free, and it took five minutes
Psychonauts -Love this game
PuzzleQuest -Played
Rogue -I've played Roguelikes, just not the original.
Settlers of Catan -My Family loves this game.
Sudoku -I'm terrible at Sudoku
Super Mario 64, -I've been playing it for over 10 years, but I haven't gotten 120 stars yet
Super Mario Bros. -I beat literally hundreds of levels in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.
Super Mario Bros. 3 -Played it.
Tetris -I played it about 10 minutes ago.
Texas Hold ’em -I'm terrible at poker.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time -My favorite game of all time.
Wolfenstien/Doom 1 -Played DOOM, but not Wolfenstien.

So, how much of the list have you played? What games do you think don't belong on the list? What games do?
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I noticed you missed out some of the best RTSs and traditional table-top / Pen & Paper games:-

Monopoly - one of the most successful traditional board games
Dungeons & Dragons - you must play at least one traditional pen and paper game
Warhammer, Warhammer 40k or Battlefleet Gothic - statistics and game design on the table top
Xenogears - disc 1 how to effectively tell a story in a RPG, disc 2 how not to effectively tell a story in an RPG, the effect of going overboard with long dialogue and cutscenes
Starcraft - one of the most famous RTS games for multiplayer gameplay
Command & Conquer 3 - how to effectively implement full-motion video into a video game and use it as an effective tool for immersion (particularly CnC3)
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