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Default future of exclusives

what do you guys think about exclusives in the future, do you believe that exclusive will become extinct or do you believe that exclusives will remain forever?

this question came up with an argument with my friend yesterday about exclusive titles. both of us own a nintendo wii and a nintendo ds but he owns an xbox 360 and i own a ps3 and from time to time we get into friendly arguments about which system is better in terms of software and hardware (usually it's not serious, like i would say my ps3 would transform into godzilla or something).

anyway, he believed that all games should go multi platform because companies would do a great service to their fans. he argued that they will make a lot more money and make fans a lot more happy

i on the other hand argued that exclusive titles make the system and not it's hardware. by going multi platform you would have to make the games equal in terms with content which means you would have to make the game suitable for the weaker system. there is also costs for developing on both systems and the amount of time it takes to ensure that two systems will run the game perfectly. this can also means a longer wait.

what do you guys think? exclusives should stay or go.
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Exclusives are here to stay but possibly in a smaller number. Reason? Money. The platform holders will want key titles to be on their system and if they are seen as a platform seller, they will pay to keep it exclusive, even if it is only for a short amount of time.
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I think they're here to stay, atleast for the AAA titles. The industry is slowly becoming very polarized to the spectrum of big budget vs indie. The big budget game developers are being aggregated together usually with direct ties to platform holders.

For the third party companies, the platform holders help out the outside companies tremendously if their title is exclusive. For PS3, think Resistance, Killzone, LBP and for the 360 think Gears, etc.

The platform holders are usually the publishers for the exclusives and the key marketers.
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