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How transferrable is Python? Lets say I wanted to make bad Java games for a website of mine or use Java for whatever reason, would it take me long to learn it?

Also, I notice every time I press F5 and save on a new piece of work, IDLE stops highlighting Python Syntax in that work, period. Why is that?

With a total of 2 or so hours clocked up in Python, I have developed my first game.


print "Welcome to the first game."
print "-----------"

import random #Importing the random module
compnum = random.randrange(5)
guessnum = input('Give me a number. One to five.\n')

#Thinkng time
if compnum == guessnum: #Check whether the guess is right.
    print "Success, you have won the opening game." #Winner Text
    print "You've failed. Start over you miserable loser." #Loser Text
    print "Here's the real number.", compnum

Thanks again to you guys, I'm excited just opening IDLE now.
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Python and Java are based on similar paradigms. As long as you can program in a particular paradigm, picking up any language within that paradigm is relatively easy.
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