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Default What degress in college do you need to be a game artist?

I'm just curious because I may want to be one

Sorry, I was in a hurry when i posted this first. I mean what 'degrees' you need...what are the requirements to be a game artist?

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I am clearly not an artist, but it is my impression that you dont really _need_ anything from college diploma-wise. Surely its a great asset to be able to take the knowledge available from there and use it to better your art.

However, its your portfolio that is going to win or lose the day for you. If you make great assets, your portfolio should show it. Education itself does not make you a better artist. It just offers you tools to do it yourself.
(Kinda works on other areas too. However, morė technical areas would seem to suffer from diploma fetish based on the job adds that I have reviewed).

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A very general answer is: A good portfolio and a degree (not necessary Art related). Look at job descriptions/postings for actual, specific requirements.
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Typically the requirements are to have an art related degree such as a Bachelor of Fine Art or Graphic Design Degree could work. Bottom line is you need to have an excellent portfolio and a great foundation in art fundamentals.

Look on Gamasutra's website for the job requirements of the art/animation section and compare these skills with the schools you are interested in attending.

Keep in mind, not all schools will have everything you need, and you will need to teach yourself a lot of things on your own. The industry is constantly changing and the school system is slow to these changes.

The internet has a plethora of tutorials on just about everything you take the time to learn.

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