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Hi, I've read some post in the forum, that kinda relate to the same subject Im interested in. Im a 22 year old, living in South America. Ive recently dropped a carreer cause I just didnt felt to be studying it, and I thought, maybe I should go for something I like a lil bit more I guess.
Ive had a passion for games, since I can remember, but my experience doesnt count for much.
So heres the question, Im really interested in this carreer as a serious one, so I was hoping somebody here could give a piece of advice, like where can I learn little bit o design, programing, or something related to this subject; I was hoping some kind of computer program to be able to have an idea of this or to expand my knowledge in the area.

Sorry about my english, its not very at the time.

Thx for any advice beforehand. If you think I should be more specific about my requests, please say so.

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South America is not an area I have recruited from before so I dont have too much knowledge about the courses and help on offer over there.

What I would say is that the first thing to do is pinpoint realistically where your main skill lies. Are you artistic, seriously do you think you can draw? Are you technical? Do you have a mathematical mind, were you good at physics and algebra? Do you have a methodical mind? Are you well organised and do you compartmentalise things well in your head?
There are three distinct categories in Games - Art, Programming and Management. The final one includes QA, Design and Production.

With this in mind you should then be able to take your next steps to getting a career in games.

If you are artistic then you need to be learning about 3d Art Packages. Depending on your age, loction and circumstances you can either do this at college or teach yourself at home. Good friends who are now top art directors at some of the best AAA Games Studios are self taught. Start off with Photoshop and 3DS Max. Eventually start creating your own pieces of work and compile a portfolio (try and get this online if possible). Once you have an impressive portfolio the next thing you will need to do is contact the studios directly and agencies.

If you are mathematically minded then you will be looking to program. Again either college or self teach. The most important language in games programming is C++ dont let anyone tell you differently. Learn and build a demo or even two and put them up on a website. Again approach studios and agencies.

The third is the most tricky. Most producers have been in roles outside of the industry already which have involved some form of Project Management. As a QA you will be competing against thousands. You need to find a local games studio and the best way of doing this is through Google and sites such as this or WorkinGames. Contact them and keep an eye out for QA Positions that become available. Their really isnt much preperation involved for these roles but you do need to be well organised and have good communication skills. You need to make this clear in any application.

OK good luck
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