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How about Mario the pole-dancer? He has to slide up and down poles to traverse the levels, and use the poles to base some of his attacks.

I'd get into details, but that might be inappropriate.
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Ok, "Mario the mechanic" is coming to fruition. Yes, he's still Italian.

I'm looking forward to seeing what will become of Bowser if Mario was something else. This of course assumes you changed Bowser also, and though not a requirement, Turtle-Dragons can almost be related to plumbers (TMNT proved that), it probably wouldn't really work for a professional race car driver or high school student.

EDIT: Annnd submitted. Mario the mechanic was fun, even if it appears little has changed.

488 words, I could have used another 500. I find it quite an annoying limit honestly since you basically state your idea, and don't have time to really sell it. Game Design if all about selling it.
Originally Posted by Personal Mission Statement
There is nothing irrelevant to Game Design.

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And the winners are up now:

This was a really fun challenge - thanks to all who submitted, and look for a new challenge v.soon. (Also, post your entries here if they didn't make it so others can see them!)

[Publisher, GCG.]
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