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Default Communicating with the deaf

Hi all, i'm a gamer rather than developer but you look like useful people who might be able to help with a little problem i've encountered recently.

A member of our eve online group is deaf so we have to restrict ourselves to text chat or have someone relaying voice comms to her through a text box, a situation that's far from ideal.

It would be nice to find a voice to text program that can relay my speech directly into a text box in eve or a 3rd party text box that can be placed on top of eve (x-fire springs to mind).

One restriction is that while i don't mind paying for a piece of software there must be a free downloadable client that i can ask others in the group to use if they want to regularly participate in the group.

Many thanks in advance for any help.
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You might want to try some trial versions of voice to text software as they should work in the background and in any text area including the chat window of the game.
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Sara jones

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Its a good idea, keep up hard working.
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Have you looked at this? I don't know how it works with chat windows, but my mom used it for word docs for a while
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