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Default Attributes of Great Programmers

Hi GCG peeps!
I was working on a big archiving project today and came across this really informative (and short!) article about what makes a great programmer: skills, knowledge, supportiveness, stamina, etc.

It's totally applicable to game programmers, as well as other types in software, research, etc.

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Thanks Jill!
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Thanks Jill, it was an interesting read

One thing that I didn't really like seeing on this list is the working long hours issue.
I'd rather be judged by the quality of my work and not the quantity, and from my exprience people usually just tend to stretch the same amount of work over long hours (if that is required by their employee) rather then do more work. (I'm not speaking about crunch times when you are putting in an effort to finish an assignment on time or when hadling critical problems, but about normal working hours)
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Great find. Thanks Jill!
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There are difeerent views of programmer as below.

Experience and Logic are not only the attributes possessed by a programmer, rather a programmer should think in broader sense and approach building the program with parameters which needed to comply the requirements. The measures of quality of a software are reliability, extensibility, portability, traceability, maintainability, readability and other non-trivial adjectives.

Great programmers think in advance and optimize the programs to meet the requirements and not to trade-off any of the trivial qualities of software. Any programmer who tries to achieve the above qualities with less effort and cost are said to be great programmers. Often, programmers concentrate on deriving logic to supplment the requirements upto a certain level and do not consider on consequences of future changes to business. This may be with the fact that organizations compelling programmers who are beginners, to build programs in less time to meet the requirements. But this will result in fixed life of the programs. And in the long run, organizations who impose such guidelines will fail to conquer market capture. In this 21st centuary, businesses are changing so often and new look ups to be given to customers, software systems have to be designed and build rightly to make organizations sustain and grow against stiff competition.

Other common qualities of a programmers should posses are quick to grasp and learn, confidence to face complex hurdles, concentration to keep in the race to win, strong anylitical skills and being good team player. 'Learn while you earn' is the success secret for anyone in the career. In this modernization of civilization, everyone should exchange and explore new ideas. This makes organizations to grow tremendously. Some organizations are emphasizing on this.

I, Umamaheswara Reddy look forward to share thoughts and experience with techies of my generation. Hope to come up with more articles on thease aspects in near future.
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