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Default Heavenly Hell

Hey all,
I finally have a little something to put in my portfolio,
I've been helping a friend with his final project which is a game called Heavenly Hell, he's been working on it for more then 6 months, I joined about 2 months ago and helped a bit on the programming side.
You can look at the credits to see how many people actually worked on this game, I'm pretty happy with the end result

You can take a look here:

(We're still working on fixing some bugs (and on creating a lighter web version) )
Tamar G
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ahaha I love how you beat up angels with a soup ladle. Awesome job to you all.
-[FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Sharon Hoosein[/FONT]
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Woot Congrats Tamar!
Grant Shonkwiler()
"I would love to fix the world if someone would just give me the source code"
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