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Default I need guidance!!

Alright so I have been in a school for game design for over a year now and I dont like working in maya. I have no motivation to even make models anymore. I do however love making game stories and I have a good understanding of how video games work. I also have leadership experence and I know there is something out there for me. Can anyone possibly suggest what career path I should be going down rather then a modeler?
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I'm not going to act like I know a ton about the game industry, but I know this guy does (Tom Sloper). Try out his website here:

His website is geared more towards Game Designer, but this specific section may help you narrow it down.
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Game Designer, or possibly Producer.
You'll most likely start out in QA anyway.

As a level designer, I never had to touch Max (my studio's 3D Modeling software preference) so don't fret if 3D modeling doesn't fill you with glee. Have you used any game editors? Do you like using them?
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