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Default Worth a try!

I just experienced this particular event and decided that I would get on here and suggest to all of you other game fans out there.

For all of you out there that are either 18 or 21, you should take a night to go outside grab a nice cigar, a glass of wine, and play some Fallout 3 music in the background. It makes for a GREAT relaxed night and can really help you chill out after a tough week at work.

If it's your first time smoking a cigar then I suggest you go with a mild cigar. The brand Romeo and Julieta has a long list of great mild cigars and you could also go with a nice Baccarat as well. If you are daring and want to go with a stronger cigar then try the "maduro". La Gloria Cubana and La Flor Dominicana both have great maduro cigars.

For those of you that are 21 then you should also top it off with a nice glass of wine, especially if you are going with a maduro. I personally just drank a white wine, but any wine will probably do.

Fallout 3 has a VERY nice playlist of some old 1940 hits, such as Ella Fitzgerald, and it all fits together so nicely with your cigar and wine. For those of you that are willing to give it a try let me know how your experience was. Or if you have any questions just let me know.

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Great idea! Another great first time Cigar brand are the mild Arturo Fuente. This was my first cigar years ago and I always get one for first timers
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