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Lightbulb Game Design Tutorial Video: From Seconds to Hours of Gameplay

Hi everyone! My name is Brice, and I've been a professional game designer for some time. I have started making some helpful videos for others interested in game design, and I thought people on CGC would enjoy them.

You can find it on Youtube at []

Also, feel free to leave any comments or criticisms!

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Pretty sure the tutorial that ships with Gamemaker includes a game that basically functions the same way your demo concept works (clicking objects, having them disappear, re-appear, fade out, etc.).

That's a good thing; your video encourages design theory, while the tutorial teaches the player what needs to be done 'under the hood' to make it work.

I watched it, not bad. I especially like the use of the white board, since that's where I spend a lot of time myself .
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