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Thanks again for the help and direction. It's so refreshing to go somewhere online and not get dumped, trolled, or hated on...let alone actually being helped.
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Well from your suggestions I wrote a rough draft of a resume and was wondering if any of you had further suggestions into improving it. Some of the formatting might be off, and I removed my name, number, and email (just to be safe). One avenue I know I can work upon is actually creating a mod or small game project. If any of you know of an active (keyword there) website to meet others and create a small indy group, then please feel free to share. And as always, thank you in advance.

Objective - To develop and produce stories, in which characters and conflict come together to entertain, leaving a lasting imprint, encouraging the viewer to question and seek answers.

- Accepted to Vancouver Film School’s Game Design program
- MFA in Creative Writing (Scriptwriting), National University
- Bachelors in Media Communications from Point Loma Nazarene Univ. (emphasis in movie/television production and performance)

Writing Endeavors
- Received honorable mention for Game Career’s Guide’s Game Design Challenge:
Literary Inspirations for The Hunting of the Snark
- Authored several scripts, Rhyme and Reason, Dead End Job, and Wonderfully Dreadful: A Corpsey Christmas (more upon request)
- Game design/storytelling ideas, thoughts, reviews
- Published ‘08 San Diego Union Tribune: Embracing Your Inner Geek about Comic-Con
- Published pieces PLNU Point Weekly – Opinions – Satirical Observations

Media Experience
- Assistant Director for CYT’s Aladdin and Annie
- Assistant Director for Horizon Jr./Sr. High’s A Christmas Carol
- Wrote, produced, co-starred short film For Appearance Sake winning Best Film and Best
Project at PLNU
- Wrote, directed, co-starred in Fortune Smiles premiered at SD Film Festival ’07
- Wrote, produced, co-starred in short films Skedaddle and For Appearance Sake
- Produced and hosted a weekly radio KPLR talk show: A Handful of Voices

Work Experience
- Teacher/Director for CYT@school, a children’s performing arts program
- Interactive Halloween Performer at Sea World’s Spooktacular
- Sea World: Sesame Street Costume Character
- Coach for Christian Youth Theater, a national improvisation competition
- Counselor CYT resident camp and Horizon Youth Programs

Computer Skills
- Knowledge in Word, Excel, Movie Magic Screenwriter
- Familiar with PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver

Interests - Writing, animation, voiceover, movies, dancing, tennis, game design, world building.
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Location: Portland OR

Originally Posted by bob View Post
Hey tlove,

What kind of internships are you applying for?
There's several game studios that offer summer internships. EA, Blizzard, and Insomniac just to name a few.
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