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Default How important is the Maya software for web design?

I'm in Interactive Media, and I am going to learn Maya. I looked up the software online and it's very expensive over $500.00. I am going specifically for web design because I like designing and making pages. I need to know this because I want to know which software I will need to buy for homework and a future career. My school has a deal with Adobe for students. $237 for Flash, Dream Weaver, Fireworks and Contribute.
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Why do you need a 3D modelling package for web design?
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Maya has nothing to do with web design. If you want to make webpages, learn html, php and css. Don't use Flash to create web pages unless you want to piss half your targeted audience off when they keep having to download the latest plugin.
One piece of software I found extremely useful is though it is expensive ($90 or so including tax) you'll have greater readability and flexibility if you just code your website using the language I already mentioned. Apple's iWeb is supposedly good too, though the last version I used you couldn't reopen your site for editing once you saved it.
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People always use different software and tools to make their work flow easy and systematic. Also by use of it they can do their project work accurately. Project management software reduce their work load so people feel relax about their project work.

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