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Default Game Programming - What it contains

[FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Game Programming Path (Things you should know)
1) Programming Language
* Primary (Main Languages)
i. C
- Yes it is an old language, but it is also the superset for C++
ii. C++
- Currently the most used language in software development (including games)
* Secondary (Scripting Languages)
i. Python
ii. LUA
2) Graphics API + Libraries
* 3D Graphics
i. Direct X
- Available from microsoft, currently the most popular PC API to use
ii. OpenGL
- Used to be very popular but made a few unfortunate mistakes with releaseing OpenGL 3, none the less it is a very good API to learn.
iii. Ogre3d
- A 3D game engine written using OpenGL, it is a very popular open source engine.
* 2D Graphics
i. SDL
- A very simple and easy to pick up API, the famous FreeCiv is written using it
ii. SFML
- A C++ version of SDL, similar but not the same
3) Mathematics
* Calculus
* Trigonometry
* Algebra
* Discrete
4) Data Structure & Algorithms
* Linked Lists
i. Single Linked Lists
ii. Doublely Linked Lists
iii. Circular Linked Lists
* Trees
i. Binary Trees
ii. AVL Trees
iii. Red Black Trees
iv. AA-Trees
* Sorting Algorithms
i. Quick Sort
ii. Bubble Sort
iii. Merge Sort
* Hash Tables

* Path Finding

* Stacks & Queues
5) General Purpose Libraries
* STL - Standard Template Library

* Boost's C++

* COLLADA - 3D Graphics data transfer
6) Tools & SDK
* IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
i. Microsoft Visual Studio
- 200x
- Express
ii. Code::Blocks
i. Microsoft DirectX SDK
ii. OpenGL SDK
iii. Win32

This is a rough list of the things that anyone learning programming and particularly game programming should know or plan on becoming versed in.

This list will be constantly evolving so check back frequently. I will also be maintaining a copy on my blog once I can get the formatting correct.

Please suggest changes that need to be made or topics that need to be added.
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C# isn't supported on Official SDKs AFAIK, only on the Indie Game Channel via XNA.

Learning C before C++ isn't necessary IMO.

Outside of games, I don't really C++ being the most common language. Higher level languages seem to be bigger demand. C++ is the most used language is mostly because it is the only one that SDKs support for consoles. (Although there is a shift towards using scripting languages for logic outside of engine code). On PC, you find there is a much wider range of languages being used because the development time is quicker.

There are libraries for Lua that allow you to use it without writing a framework. LuaPlayer for the PSP and Love2D for PC/Mac.
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Outside of games, however, GOOD C++ programmers are very sparse, but in high demand actually. If you are a good C/C++ programmer, you can basically name your own salary outside of the game industry.

Software Developer
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