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Default Sell your games

Wannakey has developed a concept that helps independent developers sell their products globally. The new concept has recently been launched internationally. It is a perfect solution for the independent developer who will finally be able to earn money on software without having to be a marketing expert at the same time.

The situation on the Internet today is that a lot of software is offered for free even though the quality is excellent. The developer often does not have sufficient means to promote his software. A simple way to attract users is to let them upload the software for free. Not very profitable for the developer! For the website owner it is, of course, not possible to survive offering products for free so the solution is to make money from advertising. Usually, it is only the website owner who earns money and not the supplier – in this case the developer. Wannakey finds that the current situation is unreasonable for all market players. The Wannakey™ concept challenges the current situation by claiming that everybody should get their fair share and benefit according to their efforts. The concept removes the most obvious barriers which exist today as the developer can make money developing software, the distributor can make money distributing software for the developer and consumers can now choose to pay for their software! Wannakey has created a completely new “marketspace” – an online market place for the distribution of digital products – and it is free for everybody to participate.

Wannakey can be used free of charge by developers and distributors who split the income. Wannakey charges a 5% fee on every sale to cover research and development costs. But it is only when sales are generated that this fee is charged. The concept is based on the ideology that everybody contributes – do what you do best. Wannakey provides the technology.

Wannakey would love to help you sell your games. Read more at
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Very nice find. Its almost like google where there is alot of white space so as not to confuse people. In other terms its simplified.
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