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Perhaps like an idiot, I'm making a set of tools to support a 2D game engine from scratch for an RPG. However, since the job market has gotten better, I have had less time to work on it.
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I've been using Unreal Editor 3 and it's really easy to pick up and use. Not to mention Kismet which makes Programming a whole lot easier than it was in Valve Hammer.
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Definitely got to go with Half-Life's engine ('Gold Source' I think?). I thought it was cool how they designed the DLL to get all of the engine functions from the EXE (I had never seen that done before hl1). The whole design was OOP to its finest. Sure there were some flaws, but over all, it was a great tool for programmers. I had the most fun programming with that engine. Once people discovered you could place mods on-top of mods.... That led to a whole new idea of gaming.

I guess that was my favorite engine to play around with, but I never really used it to implement full game ideas (just random things I was feeling like seeing at the time). I used to use the Allegro game library back in the day. It was powerful enough to make something cool, but simple enough that you could implement any kind of game.

3D games I like to use Ogre3D for graphics, and Tokamak for physics (both free and very powerful)

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