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Default Spriter wanted

I may need a 2d spriter for a game i am planning to make. Now it is still in the planning stage but i decided to post here now so i can find someone interested and help me with planning (eg. make it a silly themed game so you can make brightly coloured sprites xD).

Now i won't post many details because, as i said, it's in a planning stage and is subject to a lot of changes. Eg, i may end up switching to 3D soon or changing everything. I don't want someone saying they can work on a silly puzxle game and then i change it to a dark RPG.

Also, this game will be freeware, so don't expect to be payed at the end xD.
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Creating quality sprites requires more than a trivial amount of effort for any artist no matter their experience and skill level. You need to make a solid decision on the core of your game before you start looking for asset slaves.
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As a designer, it's always in your favour to have a ludic sketch or prototype that you can playtest or show off before seeking high quality assests.
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