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Default HELP! im new any i don't know where to start

i plan to do some iphone app artin the future but i've been recomended to do some sprite animations for now while i learn where do i start? i've downloaded the software "paint tool SAI" is it free hand drawings or is it pixel art?

i just need some basic knoledge of what to do, and how to do please!
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Creating sprites isn't really about the software you use--though Photoshop is pretty standard and gives you all the essentials.

When you're making sprites, you will want to make something called a spritesheet like this:

For each animation, you draw each frame and line them up in rows. The way most animation programs work is that they will have a set frame size of a certain number of pixels, and they advance to the next frame of animation by grabbing the next set of that many pixels.

You'll need to make sure the sprites are lined up correctly so the code grabs all of the image you intend to be in that frame and none of what is supposed to be in the next or previous frames--though is software that does that for you.

From there, it's all a matter of communication. You will need to communicate with whomever is coding the animation system for frame size, frame count, and how to best lay out each spritesheet. You will need to communicate with the art director or creative lead to determine whether you need to create pixel art, vector art, and other style specifics. You will need to communicate with the designers to know what animation cycles you'll need to draw. You will need to communicate what you can do in how much time with the entire team to set realistic goals and scope.
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