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Default Portfolio Review and Critique

Hello everyone, I'm an art student bordering on graduation and would very much like a review and critique of my art. What is missing, what could be improved, what just plain doesn't work. I plan to specialize in 2D game art.

Here's a link to my current portfolio:

Thank you very much for your time!
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Some nice stuff here! Overall it's coming together and looking good.

There are a couple things that stand out that may hurt you. On your Enviromental Art tab, "The Gods Forgotten" is a nice piece, but the statue on the right is off balance, and it'd be nice to see his face. The other one has some leg proportion issues. Reviewers will be looking for these type of things.

On your Traditional Work tab, "Charcoal Woman 3" the arm proportions feel off. Also, you want to show only your strongest pieces and I don't think "cost of progress" should be included here.

I admire you guys for showing your stuff and looking for feedback, it's not an easy thing to do, but it's something you'll be getting a ton of when you start submitting around and even more while working!
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Ok, so this is weird. I posted comments on this portfolio on a post yesterday. The post (right below this one), but now I look at the post and it's a different portfolio. It's this one.

Crazy... so I'll copy and paste and my comments here...

I'm not an artist so I'm not going to comment on the art itself, but the site.

The site is laid out nice and easy to navigate.

I'd suggest you add the tools used to all the images, even if it's just simple text in the corner. You want people who are reviewing it to know the tools you are comfortable with and prefer. Also, brand each image with your name and contact info.

I'd spice up the homepage. The image is cool, but I'd add a brief bio paragraph there. Hit people in the face with who you are, what you're looking for, and what you're good at.

The bio page should have your resume, not just the paragraph. Don't take for granted that employers are going to have your resume in hand when looking at the page.

Otherwise, a good start. Good luck.
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It's a good start. However, there are too many clocks to get to the art. It should all just be right there is my face when I open the site. Also, you have too much, and not all of it is your best quality work. 12 to 15 pieces should be all that you need, the people who are going to be looking at your portfolio to give you a job are not going to want to spend a lot of time, if the first thing they see isn't the best thing you've done, they will likely just go on to the nest person.
Leif M. Peterson - Lighting Artist, Gameloft MTL.
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