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Originally Posted by Zun View Post
So, major bummer. XNA games wont run on my little netbook, even if they don't have any fancy graphics in them, because my graphics card doesn't fit the profile they've set. Seems like an arbitrary technological limitation is holding me back unnecessarily. . . Oh, look, Microsoft is here.
It isn't Microsoft's fault that a user is trying to install an engine SDK on hardware that doesn't meet the minimum spec. XNA's engine is probably Direct11 based and no matter how non-fancy your game graphics will be, it still needs a minimum spec to show a blank window. Its the same if you tried to install UDK on your netbook. It has a minimum set of requirements for the engine.

Python with PyGame or Lua with Love are probably your next best bets.
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Yeah, yeah. I just have a persecution complex against big corporations. I don't understand the state of technology (or even this little bit of software here), which makes it hard to complain; but I try.

Thanks. I'll look into these other suggestions with renewed hope.

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