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Default For those seeking College Knowledge

Howdy everybody,

I have been perusing through the forums here and haven't seen anyone asking about my school, Cogswell Polytechnical College, so I decided I should make a post and represent in case anyone had any questions about it.

Cogswell is a four year WASC accredited college in Sunnyvale CA (in the heart of Silicon Valley) that offers degrees in Digital Art Animation (with focus' in entertainment design, modeling, animation, and game design) and Digital Art Engineering (with focus' in animation, and game engineering). It's a small private college (I think we have under 250 students throughout the whole school) so you really get your money's worth in one on one teacher interaction. The teachers have all worked in industry and have a really positive "I want to be here sharing what I know with you" feel to them that seems rare in most colleges and Universities these days. The classes really emphasize classic fundamentals in art(drawing, painting sculpting), core computer fundamentals(from clean programming and networking for engineers, to flexible artistic pipelining between programs for animators and modelers), and comprehension of game mechanics (from basic breakdowns of your favorite tabletop and childhood games like Dungeons and Dragons or Risk, to the more complex balancing of modern video games).

I am currently a Senior and have had an excellent experience in both artistic and engineering sides of the school. It's been a really organic environment for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to get into games.

If you have any questions lay 'em out.

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