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Post Coding books?

I was wondering what some good books to read to help learn coding are. Post any suggestions.
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If you are really interested in learning programming yourself, has a lot of great lessons that teach you the basics. If it's web based stuff go to I don't really buy books unless it's necessary. For example I'm currently reading the mastering unreal technology series.
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Here's two good books on C programming which I reccommend
If you're interested in seeing my programming progress then please, visit: My Journey To Game Development

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I would probably suggest starting with JavaScript or Python, as C, while it has its uses, is a bit arcane. One of the best Python programming intro books is actually free:

I just read through Dive into Python, and would definitely recommend it. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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How old do most people start coding?
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Varies. I didn't start until 18. Some have started since they were 8 or even earlier. Then you have everything in between.
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