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Default BittersBBB Ep002 - Mass Effect Introducing Core Elements

As a long time lurker / sometime contributor on these forums, I'd like to share with you my latest project. Particularly, as potential game developers/designers, I'd appreciate learning whether or not people found the episode and concept useful or interesting.

As I've said below, would much appreciate feedback, positive or negative, as it will inspire further works.

In BittersBBB Episode 002, we look at Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 to discover how Core game Elements are Introduced at the outset of the game.

BittersBBB is my somewhat new project where I aim to analyse/deconstruct a game along the lines of a specific topic of discussion. As a hopeful game developer/designer, a common theme made in the many "So you want a job as a game developer?" articles that exist is that you obviously need to play games to understand more about them. BittersBBB, as a video series, attempts to highlight a part of a game for you to learn from.

If I could do these weekly I’d be a happy happy man, but there are still a lot of things I would like the improve upon:
  • Video recordings of me personally: specifically for introductions, conclusions and length moments of speech.
  • Better audio recording: recording voice 25metres from a main road has it’s downsides.
  • More production value: first time I’ve touched Premiere Pro in a loooong time, I learned a lot, but still have more I want to do.
  • Some comedy: was a bit formal, but I’d rather be formally analytical as a start than risk “not-funny” comedy.
  • An actual half hour game development show: …weeeeellllll, it’s a little bit of a pipe dream…

If you enjoy it and would love to see more, please view the video, show your friends, rate, comment, favourite, subscribe, etc. I’d really love to hear feedback!
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There is nothing irrelevant to Game Design.
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