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Default Introduction and a question.

Hello GCG

So glad i stumbled in here. I have already found a ton of invaluable information here...

I'm new to any hardcore game development besides "tinkering" ( does that make me a n00b again.. ?) and by tinkering i mean I've been interested my entire life in getting into a Game Design career as an artist. so i may have geared up my learning towards it. (i'm 33 and was writing basic-language choose-your-own-adventure games on the commodore64/128 when i was 6 for fun)

I am ready to say screw it with trying to freelance as a graphics designer ( overseas outsourcing sucks ) and focus more on the becoming a game artist dream i've had since childhood. So here i am.

First off here is a list of programs i currently own and have been using/learning independently for the past two years (wish i had a mentor)

Photoshop & Illustrator CS5 (use this for graphic design so i'm pretty damn proficient here)

3ds Max 2010 - (capable, but havent explored its full potential)

Zbrush - (got it when it was 3.5 and fell in love)

now with these three programs and the unity engine i can create some pretty assets that are game playable and am glad for all the tutorial sites and such out there...

MY QUESTION to all the artists and game gurus out there..

Besides these 3 industry standards.. are there any HIDDEN gems out there that you could recommend me dropping into my pipeline that would make my workflow more efficient? (programs or plug-ins for the current software listed above?)

as a side note.. i am sure i want to become a creature/character designer... but i'm sure i'll start with a slew of assets and texture designs as I inch my way into the industry... so any plug-in/program ideas that you have would help!

Thanks ahead of time..

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Default Re: Introduction and a question.

What is your current workflow?
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