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Default Breaking in Conference at VGXPO

I have a question for anyone but specifically for someone at GCG. I am going to the Breaking in Conference at the Video Game Expo in Philadelphia from Nov 3-4. I was wondering if anyone knows much about it. I'm hoping it will be beneficial but I don't see any information on it here or Gamasutra or hardly anywhere else. Thoughts?

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Default VGXPO Breaking In conf.

I haven't heard a whole lot about the VGXPO Breaking In conference either, other than to have seen the speaker list.

I can tell you that it is not affiliated with this site or any of our sister groups (, Game Developer magazine, GDC).

Looking at the speakers, I think the show seems all right, especially if you're interested in hearing people from the big name schools talk, like DigiPen, Full Sail, The Guildhall. However, I personally think it's more valuable to learn about schools from students because you get a better idea of the kind of person who fits into the school rather than simply learn what the school offers; so check out the testimonials we've been posting on this site, too!

Speakers whom I've enjoyed listening to in the past who will be at VGXPO are Wade Tinney (he's at a small casual game company in NYC), Gano Haine of Limelife who is not your typical game developer at all but is very insightful, and Robin McShaffry is NEVER afraid to tell you what she thinks. Some of the other speakers are good, some I've never heard speak.

You know there are audio files from a Career Seminar affiliated with this site, the one that took place at Austin GDC available for free? So you can listen to some of those as well and get even more info!
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