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Beth A. Dillon

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Default Nunchucks

Now I know they're backordered everywhere... but after waiting a month for my EBay-won Nintendo Wii to arrive after going through customs from the US to Canada, there's nothing more annoying than hitting up the local FutureShop just to find out that extra Wii Nunchucks are sold out. Everywhere. I was just down in the states and although Game Stop is listed as backordered, they have them in stock in random scattered stores. 4+ here, 3+ there. And meanwhile, in Vancouver, BC, there are none. NONE. I've already returned the rental car and I don't know when I'll next be in the states, and on top of that, FutureShop isn't sure when they're getting their next shipment. The last one was two weeks ago.

And so, I wait. And try to enjoy myself single player for now.

- Beth
Beth A. Dillon
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It has been the same in the Netherlands, everything that had something to do with the Wii had been sold out. It is still that way, but I'm assuming that you have already bought a Wii Nunchuck. If not, please tell me here and I could try to get you one.

Seeing this post is 5 months ago I think you have one for long. I had mine in December last year, had to wait 2 weeks, so I know how it feels.
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