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Thumbs down computer wiz?

Well my question is do i need to know alot about computers if i want to be a game designer? because im trying to enroll at itt-tech for game design and im wondering what type of computers they used either macs or pc. IF you know anything i would aprecciated it even if you dont study at itt-tech you can voice your opinion.
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You wouldn't need to be a computer wizz to be a designer. Not all games have to be computer games, nor be technically complex. Although if you intended to design hardcore digital games, I would assume a knowledge of a computer capabilities, some basic IT skills and experience with industry standard software packages would be desirable.

I don't know about ITT-T but alot of courses where I am have taught us from scratch; working upward from a strong common foundation.

As far as Mac vs PC, etc. From a user perspective, most systems are fundamentally similar. A word processor is still a word processor no matter which system you use. Both are straightforward to learn and use - so I wouldn't worry about it.

Hope this helps!
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also It tends that audio work is done mostly on macs because of their better memory management. Sometimes the digital art is too but modeling and the like is a PC thing
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