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Marconi Loures
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Question Looking for tips for people to look at my game.

My name is Marconi and recently I've released my first game on Google Play.
I designed my game to be simple, but original and addictive. And to fit perfectly on a mobile device.
People who buy it apparently are liking it. I have sold 21 copies at this moment and 6 people has reviewed it on Google Play, giving me 5 stars (i don't know those people). About 90% of people still have the game installed, which is good.
The problem is that nobody wants to review my game. I contacted a few specialized sites but no one was interested. All of them are medium/small sites, some specialized in indie games and others in Android games.
I also showed it in some forums and sometimes someone gives me great feedback. And also show it on twitter, but I did not get much attention.

So, does anyone have an extra tip?

Take a look:, remove this link if it's not allowed)
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Default Re: Looking for tips for people to look at my game.

Do you have a story behind development of the game?
Is there an event/trending hashtag you can latch onto to get more eyes on the game?
The images don't show how to play the game.
It's not free.
Do you have an audience? Can you build one? Can you use your existing players to help spread the word?
What is your 7 day retention like?
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