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hey guys! first post ever on here, so sry if ive done something wrong =/

let me start of with my story:
ive loved games ever since i frst played on my NES, from the age of 3 i spent hours a day giggling away at the joys of Mario and Luigi.
and as i grew taller, smellier and smarter.. so did my interest in games. from the age of 10 ive been wanting to become a games designer, i bought my first amateur program back in 2000, built a couple of levels, characters along with animation etc etc mediocre stuff really.
but because my computers power was limited at that time, i was never able to test my builds completely (they would usually freeze after 5-10 seconds)...

8 years later, im still avidly interested in becoming a games designer, and now that i have spent a lot of cash on a new PC. i can resume my dream of creating my own little amateur game (and take it further from there)

but the only question is... i dont know my first step. games engine? are there any good ones out there for free?
or maybe between 50-no more than 200.

im not searching for something that ridiculously amazing, but a engine that i can trust to handle "dull/mediocre" 3D models explaoding (it will most likely be cell shaded).
I cant remember the program i bought back in 2000, but it came with everything i needed, level designer, character designer. (mind you, all character and levels had to be created out of squares, circles, cones etc etc, so it wasnt that easy =P)

anyway, does a engine come with all of that, or is the engine just the part that calculates all the phsyics stuff for you?
or would have to look into separate programs for the charcterdesigning, animations etc (and if so, any ideas? again something cheap)

i have the passion, the time and dedication.
i have a notebook of 56 pages, crammed with every single detail of the game, from 17 different level designs, to animations, game types, and intercations with other items, all i need now, is to be shown how to use my ideas

thanks for anyone who read this, and even more thans to anyone who can help =]
hope to hear from someone soon.
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