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Default Colonial Life

First of, i have some more indepth ideas about this subject, i actually wrote a long detailed "screenplay" when i did a six month stint, but i just wanted to throw out some thoughts to see what you guys think, maybe im just saying something that has already been done, then i can just go buy that game and play.
How come "seven cities of gold" was such a huge hit and then it was never picked up again, how come "colonization" was such a huge hit (they are still making a FreeCOL shareware nowdays) and there was never a a COL II, how come every war era seems to be covered a little to much, but we never do the colonial era. We colonize space? why cant we colonize America (or a random map) all over again. We wont have to invent hypothermal lasers, we just use the good old cannon. Anyways, heres my sales pitch.
I know everyone says it, but i like the open-ended game style.... You start off as a poor European "apprentice" (you can pick a country with special attributes) that is trying to start a new life in the New World. You have to save up money doing "work" and buy some supplies (like Oregon Trail, if you want to bring over a huge mirrored cabinet, go ahead, but i suggest flour and a shovel) you have limited space to "pack" your goods.....
So you charter a ship to the New World, and you get to decide on where you'd like to land, (lets use the America we knew for reference) and you choose North Colonies for Fishing, Middle for Tobacco, South for Cotton. Well we have dreams of being a the Marlboro man, so out ship lands in "North Carolina". Now the game is "the SIMs"ish, we are chopping down trees that go into our "stockpile" and we have all sorts of RPG choices to make, the ship captain (John Smith) wants us to go explore the land, your friend (Franky) wants you to go look for gold, but we are chopping down the trees to build our house.
Whats this? The Natives want to greet you, what should we do... Shoot them or offer them some trinkets. So we befriend the Natives, trade with them, the colony begins to grow, we are ordering supplies to expand (which take a while because they are European import/exports)
Right about now you have to choose the class you want to become. Im thinking technology tree style here, you have Military: Rifleman and so, Trader: Nice profit if you trade to/from Europe and with Natives, Skillsman: Smiths/Carpenters, so on so forth. I want to be a farmer, doing my nerdy HarvestMoon thing, selling my leaves to the Cigar maker how sells them to Europe.
Well as the map becomes available, you see that more natives are around. Turns out so is the other European countries (lets say, France/England/Spain/Portugal/Dutch) You have to have the great Aztec in here, with a massive city/state structure.
I guess the game concept would work best if it was a MMORPG (SP?) but i prefer disc games, but i think the game's openness would be like Oblivion or The SIMS, were you dont really win. Kind of like Pirates or Port Royale, you can build a trading empire, or be a mercenary. Colonization's game was won by gaining indepenance. I guess civilization is pretty much kill all your opponents.
Anyways, i have some detailed idea, i just wanted to share my game idea with the world, i love harsh criticism. Just keep it adult and ommit any spelling error jokes.
Im just a colonization kind of guy, and really wanted to get closer to the action than CIV allows me, plus i like the SIMS but its to kiddy for me. I like trade games and I think GTA has a nice open feel to it, i just dont get into shooting people and blowing up cars over and over.
Let me know what you think.....
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Default feeling colonial

The ideas are good, but more or less already at hand if you weren't so 'picky' about the background story.
Don't mean any disrespect but you can colonize other MMO worlds not?
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