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  • TeacherGaming launches 'early access program' for KerbalEdu

  • A modified version of Kerbal Space Program designed specifically for use in classrooms is now available for pre-order by educators at a discounted price, though the game itself -- renamed KerbalEdu -- hasn't actually launched yet.

    It will, though! And when it does, educators who have purchased a license for KerbalEdu will automatically receive the modded version. In the meantime, it seems they'll get the original Kerbal Space Program at a discount.

    "The [educational partnership] program is up and running so if schools want to purchase KerbalEdu right now, they'll get the original game [Kerbal Space Program] at a discounted price," wrote a Squad representative via email in response to Gamasutra's request for clarification. "When the KerbalEdu mod is ready, they'll get the updates. So basically, we're taking sales before the product is fully launched, much like our Early Access program in KSP itself."

    TeacherGaming, who also partnered with Mojang to develop MinecraftEdu, announced a partnership with Squad to develop KerbalEdu last October.

    Even though the educational version isn't quite ready yet, professional educators can now skip Steam and purchase Kerbal Space Program licenses at a special discounted rate on the KerbalEdu website. The licenses -- which cost $17 USD apiece or $330 USD for 25 -- regulate how many instances of the game you may run concurrently. Anyone who buys one or more Kerbal Space Program licenses should automatically receive updates and, eventually, the KerbalEdu version.

    KerbalEdu is going to help players do more than just dream of the stars in their classroom. It’s going to give them the tools to learn how to reach them,” stated TeacherGaming CEO Santeri Koivisto in a KerbalEdu press release. “Squad is a great partner and a believer in our mission to use games to help educate the next generation of students.”

    The KerbalEdu mod is expected to include additional educational features like premade challenges to be used in lesson plans, educational materials to supplement the in-game challenges, and UI modifications that will allow players to perform deeper in-game data collection and analysis.

    By Alex Wawro
    August 20, 2014 10:24:23 PM PST


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