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  • Crytek launches CryEngine subscription service -- only on Steam

  • At GDC Crytek announced that it would launch its CryEngine as a subscription service this May -- and today, it has launched it exclusively via Valve's Steam platform.

    The cost is $9.90 a month, with discounts of up to 16 percent available if you subscribe in advance for six months at a time. European subscribers will pay 9.90 a month. This price is a sharp contrast to Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4, which is $19 a month -- and also takes 5 percent revenue off the top for any revenue-generating projects.

    Epic has been very aggressive in supporting its engine, however, and completely opening up its development to the community via live source access, a step Crytek has not yet taken.

    To learn more about CryEngine, you can head to the company's FAQ; if you're interested in subscribing, you can do so via the engine's Steam page.

    By Christian Nutt
    December 1, 2015 12:41:56 AM PST


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