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  • Former Eidos CEO Ian Livingstone to open new UK computer science academies

  • Games Workshop co-founder and former Eidos CEO, Ian Livingstone, is opening two free UK schools to help the next generation get to grips with computer science, technology, and the arts.

    The new schools, dubbed "Livingstone Academies," will open in Bournemouth and Tower Hamlets, and will look to provide over 3000 children with a comprehensive education rooted in STEAM - science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. 

    The schools are being opened under the Aspirations Academy Trust, and will use Livingstone's extensive links to bring in mentors from the video game and other creative industries. 

    “I want to bring the work place closer to the school place by having close ties with industry, especially mentoring by people working in the video games and creative industries,” said Livingstone, speaking to MCV

    The school will also use video games as a teaching tool, utilizing the "principles of games-based and project-based learning across the curriculum." 

    "Games stimulate the imagination and encourage creativity, curiosity, concentration, teamwork, community, multi-tasking and even and-eye co-ordination," continued Livingstone in his interview with MCV. 

    "Games give the player continuous assessment and allow failure in a safe environment. Who wouldn’t want their children to learn these meta skills whilst having fun?"

    By Chris Kerr
    February 18, 2019 09:29:06 AM PST


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