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  • Postmortem: Fly-Guy [11.29.11]
  • img Fredrik Albrektson of Futuregames Academy picks apart his student project Fly-Guy, detailing what went right, what went wrong, and the lessons the team learned along the way.
  • Postmortem: Muse Games' Guns of Icarus [11.22.11]
  • img The team at Muse Games reflect son the development of its 3D action title Guns of Icarus, providing a look at the successes and challenges of indie game development.
  • Postmortem: Julia's Magnificent Mishap [10.27.11]
  • img In this article, Heather Decker-Davis of Savannah College of Art and Design looks back on the development of the student game Julia's Magnificent Mishap, outlining the successes and missteps the team encountered.
  • Postmortem: Octodad [10.13.11]
  • img In this postmortem, first published in Game Developer's 2011 Career Guide issue, the team of DePaul University students and graduates reflect on the development of the bizarre, yet undeniably creative Octodad.
  • Postmortem: Fine & Dandy Games' iOS Debut Goop [08.30.11]
  • img In this postmortem, first-time indie developer Patrick Chukwura looks back at the development of his iOS puzzle game Goop, outlining what went right and wrong during his team's first attempt at game development.