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  • Student Thesis: Adaptive Music for Video Games [07.28.09]
  • img In this thesis, Utrecht School of Art and Technology student David Vink tackles the phenomenon of adaptive music in games -- how can it be used, and what advantages does it offer?
  • Thesis: Game Design and Architecture [06.16.09]
  • img Can game design improve the process of designing real-world architecture? For his Masters thesis, Chris Totten explores the question with a little help from Valve.
  • Student Thesis: Addiction and MMORPGs [03.12.09]
  • img The addiction associated with MMORPGs is rising. This dissertation from the University of Salford, looks into the reasons why addiction occurs and compares them to the reasons people play online games, with the goal of highlighting the key motivational factors linked to the formation of addictive behaviors.
  • Student Paper: Games: The Art of Making, Bending, and Breaking Rules [03.10.09]
  • img In this MFA thesis from Rhode Island School of Design, Andrew Y. Ames develops a theory of interactivity from Noah Wardrip-Fruin's concept of playable media, Domini Lopes' strongly interactive art, Eric Zimmerman's defined modes of interactivity, and Ian Bogost's procedural rhetoric.
  • Master's Thesis: Game Design and Architecture [02.10.09]
  • img Christopher W. Totten's master's thesis is about the things real-world architecture can learn from game design. In this article, which also contains a PDF download of his paper, he explains how he contacted members of Valve and got their help researching the things that planners of real spaces can learn from those who design virtual ones.