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  • Academic Paper: Tweaking ODE for Variable Time Steps [01.07.08]
  • img Rasmus Barringer is a master's student in engineering physics at the University of Lund, Sweden. His game demo, Burning Tires, took second place for Best Threaded Game in the Intel Game Demo Contest 2007. In this academic paper, he explains one technical part of his game development.
  • Academic Paper: Storytelling in MMOs [12.25.07]
  • img Some kinds of stories, such as folklore and fairytales, rehash stock plots and characters -- it's part and parcel of the genre and somehow still remains pleasing to the audience. But the storytelling aspect of most MMOs hasn't quite found its groove. Student Paul van der Meer at the school of Communication and Multimedia Design of Avans University investigates.
  • Master's Thesis: Chatting in MMOs [09.13.07]
  • img MMOs have been evolving for more than three decades, from early text-based worlds, like MUDs, to elaborate 3D graphical ones, like World of WarCraft. But the means to communicate through chat in these games have not. Do the current interfaces, which rely on prior experience with MMOs, inadvertently frustrate new players to the point that they stop playing?
  • Master's Thesis: Trends and Trajectories in the Mobile Gaming Industry [07.24.07]
  • img This thesis aims to investigate he current product and process innovations from various portable gaming devices, retailers and their relationships to both the console manufacturers and end-users, and thoughts towards the current developments and future prospects of portable gaming.