Game Career Disciplines
Game Design Like a film director on a movie, Game Designers typically determine the overall vision of a video game
Programming/Software Engineering Work at the coding level, making everything within the game work using a range of computer languages, including C++
Art/Animation Game Artists bring the vision to life using 2D, 3D, visual effects, and animation. Specialized roles within art are becoming more common as technology increases
Production(Producer) Essentially the project manager of game making, Producers manage the development teams as well as high level issues relating ot budgets and schedules
Audio Design Creates the sound and music to match the visuals of a game using all aspects of sound design from foley to sound mixing and dialogue editing.
Quality/Assurance Testing The last line of defense before a game hits the market, QA testers often work part-time while attending high school or college
Other Gaming Disciplines Just as in TV and Film, the game industry requires many other professionals including Community Managers, Play Testers, PR & Marketing, Tech Support, Writers, and HR