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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Location, Location, Location

    - staff

  • Michael Stephens, Ohio University Digital Media, Creatures Incorporated

    Your life was simple: wake up, go to work, clock in, make some monsters, clock out, go home. Repeat the next day. Such was the routine of a professional Creature Creator. Paid to concoct the greatest, most fearsome creatures imaginable, you were given full access to the factory warehouse chock full of monster parts.

    That is, until disaster struck. Ever since the devastating explosion in the warehouse sent all the monster parts flying through the air, scattering them across the country, you've been out of a job! How could you possibly hope to fulfill your role as a Creature Creator when all the monster parts are gone?

    Fear not!

    Creatures Incorporated has worked hard in developing the "Monster Scanner", a completely portable application that scans the landscape for monster DNA! Now you can see where all the lost parts are, right from your smartphone! Now that's convenience!

    Creatures Incorporated is a game with two modes: the Creature Creation Lab, and the Monster Scanner. In the Lab, you can build any sort of creature you want. Adding parts is as simple as dragging them in from the sidebar. Choose from feet, legs, torsos, arms, hands, heads, and accessories. When you're done, you can even fight against creatures that your friends have made!

    However, you won't have access to all of the parts at first. If you want to expand your collection, you'll have to use the Monster Scanner to locate and collect parts that are scattered across the map. Here's how:

    First, choose your lab location (your home). The location you choose will be marked on the map.

    After you've chosen a lab location, monster parts will randomly spawn on the map. Some parts will be close to your lab, within walking distance; however, these will mostly consist of weak or common parts. The rarer parts will spawn on roads or in parks farther from your lab; you'll have to travel further for them. After you pass over a part on the map, it will be added to your travel bag and will disappear from the map.

    Finally, return to your lab. The parts in your travel bag will now be available to use in the Creature Creation Lab. It's just that simple!

    Certain types of parts may be found closer to certain places. For example, you might find some great flippers near the local pond, or maybe a cool tri-cornered hat accessory next to the revolutionary war monument. If you're looking for a part, but you just can't find it on your map, you can ask for a trade with another player. Just connect to the internet, propose the trade (what you want/what you're willing to give), and wait for a willing partner to accept the deal.

    Creatures Incorporated is a fun, social game that encourages exploration and rewards creativity. With a healthy sense of adventure and a lot of imagination, you'll be making awesome monsters in no time!


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