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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Location, Location, Location

    - staff

  • Camila Carvalho / Rafael de Castro, Students at S.a.g.a - School of Art, Game and Animation, Break-in

    You're a secret agent in training for the famous spy agency: Break-in. Your missions are basically restricted to: invade and decipher information. Unfortunately, you were trapped by the agency Force Into, archenemy of your agency and takes over the power of your headquarters. Now you are required to perform missions for them against your will, while trying to find a way to reverse the situation.

    iPad / Android


    In your tablet you will receive briefings specifying the next location (fictional) you should invade and retrieve one of the pieces that will help to achieve the goal of your rival (goal that you will try to figure out to stop them). The problem is that the places are always surrounded by cameras and security guards, which makes your task much more difficult.

    By going through these obstacles and finally find the safe, you will receive an image that is the key to finding an important clue. However, it is completely mixed up and by mounting it the right way you get a warning that your GPS has been updated with a new destination (that's where you will find what you are really looking for!).

    Now, you need to go in person (real life) in the appropriate place and point your tablet's camera on the poster inside the establishment that has a "trigger" that activates an animation in augmented reality that only you see with your device at this time. The animation is followed by a message that will help you to reveal details of the story and let you closer to fulfilling the goal of the game.

    Then, you receive a new message from your rival who designates you to a new mission.

    You do not always have only one mission at time to do, and sometimes you will find that there's people trying to help you by sending you clues. Your fate and your agency's fate will be shaped according to the paths you choose to pursue.


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