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  • DIY RPG: Make Your Own RPG With The Source Engine

    - Ben Evans

  • Placing instances

    Now that we have our instance set up, let's add copies of it at different points in our main map so we can start making our actual quests. Place a func_instance where you want your first quest to start. Open up its Object Properties window and under VMF Filename browse for your quest_instance map file. (Note that browsing can be a bit buggy, so you may have to type in the relative file path to "quest_instance" yourself.) You can now copy and paste these entities around your level. Go ahead and duplicate the instance until you've got as many quests as you want.

    Select your first quest instance and collapse it by going to Instancing, Collapse, Selection. Hammer will then import all the entities and give them a prefix, normally "AutoInstance-". Everything will be selected when it has been collapsed, so we're going to organize them into VisGroups to make the quest-building process easier. Bring up the Object Properties window and click on the VisGroup tab. You should see something like Figure 6.

    Figure 6: Organize Visible Groups in the Object Properties window.

    Don't worry about the "sewer" and "main level" entries-I'm using them in my own map to break up the space, but you don't have to have them in yours. Hit the Edit groups button and you'll see the window shown in Figure 7.

    Figure 7: Assign brushes and entities to Visible Groups.

    From here you can create new VisGroups to use in your own map. Press the New group button and you'll see a new entry on the list. Click on it and then rename it using the name field to Quest_n, where n is the number of your quest. Click Close after you've done that and you should see the new VisGroup appear as a new option on the main list. Check the box to add entities to that group, hit Apply, and click Close. You can now hide/unhide that group by checking or unchecking it in the VisGroup control panel, as seen in Figure 8. Do this for the rest of your quests as well.

    Figure 8: Toggling Visible Groups.


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